Our Story

Skyballs is Atlanta's premier Phish tribute band. Having attended over 200 shows between its members (give us a break, we're not that old), the group prides itself on embodying the musical freedom, spontaneity and ambition that has earned Phish its devoted following. From the soaring melodicism of Harry Hood to the deep funk of Sand, Skyballs is committed to accurately reproducing the incredible songs in Phish's diverse repertoire. The band enjoys producing high-energy shows that contain dream setlists for both its members and the Phish faithful.

Skyballs was founded in 2016 by guitarist Michael Plunkett, keyboardist Adam Simon, bassist Johnny Barrett and drummer Nick Vaughan as a means of satisfying their collective obsession with Phish in between the band's tours. What started as simply a passion project has now expanded into a cohesive band with a larger mission. Skyballs aims to spread the beauty and joy of Phish's music across Atlanta and beyond. Just like the band they love and admire so much, their intent is all for your delight.

Adam Simon

keyboards, vocals

Michael Plunkett

guitar, vocals

Jason Chapman

bass, vocals

Brian Steele

drums, vocals